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[logo description: black text in all caps read "HEARD" the letter A has a white image of justice balance scale. The word "HEARD" is spelled out in ASL in the background as shadow hands. The bottom of logo reads "Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities"] 

[logo description: white background with a red circle in the center. The inside of the red circle reads "Mano a Mano" underlined, below the text is a red sketched hand reaching out to a grey sketched hand]

[logo description: a room full of a stack of book, a black femme sits in the middle. She wears ankara print clothes that fall off her shoulders, long black braids with half pulled up in a high bun and glasses. She rests her head in her left hand and looks up at camera]

[logo description: a yellow outline of a sun with yellow rays and a rainbow wheel of colors as the center of the sun. At the bottom of the sun the words PeoplesHub in white text]

[logo description: a white background with a red open hand palm out with five fingers spread wide and a swirl in the middle of the hand. The right of the hand has the words "Council de Manos" in black text]

[logo description: a green background with a dark green ball in the center. White text reads National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network Advancing Healing Justice by transforming mental health for Queer and Trans POC]

[logo description: black background with white text in the center that reads "People's Collective for Justice and Liberation"]

[logo description: black power fist with a blue, white, and red bracelets]

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